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Our featured products section highlights some of the most popular and in-demand species, habitats, and supplies available.

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We take pride in having one of the most extensive internet selections of reptiles for sale. From common pets like bearded dragons and corn snakes to uncommon and exotic species that are sure to impress, our collection contains a wide range of species. We hand-pick each of our reptiles for temperament, health, and quality to provide you a pet you can be happy with. Buying reptiles online

Expert Care Guides

At Exotic Reptiles Store, we are aware that taking care of a reptile can be difficult. To assist you in giving your pet the finest care possible, we present a selection of professional care instructions. Our guidelines will assist you in keeping your reptile happy and healthy, whether you require information on food, housing, or health.

We provide a huge range of items and materials to help you take care of your pet in addition to our reptiles for sale. We carry all the supplies you need to keep your reptile happy and healthy, including cages, habitats, food, and accessories. You may be sure you’re receiving the best for your pet because we carefully select our items based on their quality and value.

Buying reptiles online from us is a breeze. Simply browse our inventory, put your favorite reptiles in your shopping cart, and use our safe payment method to complete the transaction. To make sure your new pet arrives securely and pleasantly, we provide a variety of shipping choices, including overnight shipping for live reptiles. Additionally, we offer a live arrival guarantee so you can be sure your reptile will come in good health. Reptiles for sale online

The beauty and wonder of reptiles are something to be cherished and celebrated. At Exotic Reptiles Store, we believe in sharing our passion for these amazing creatures with the world. From the smallest gecko to the largest python, we are proud to provide our customers with the finest selection of reptiles and supplies.

Our Mission

Our goal at Exotic Reptiles Store is to offer the best reptiles and supplies to our clients while encouraging responsible reptile ownership. To protect the health and welfare of their reptiles, we are dedicated to teaching our customers about suitable husbandry methods. Our team of professionals is committed to offering outstanding customer service and creating a remarkable shopping experience. Join us in our effort to open up and enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the world of reptiles for sale!


Our FAQs include all the information you need, whether you’re seeking tips on caring for reptiles or simply want to learn more about our shipping choices. Please get in touch with us if you can’t find the solution you’re looking for; we’re happy to help. Buy reptiles online

They are air-breathing, cold-blooded creatures with scaly bodies instead of hair or feathers and are known as reptiles. Although some “squamates” lizards, snakes, and worm lizards give birth to live young, the majority of reptile species lay eggs.

Scales and dry skin are characteristics of reptiles. Amphibians don’t, and the mucus that frequently lubricates their skin prevents them from drying up.

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Exotic Reptiles store takes great pride in guaranteeing live arrival for each and every live reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate order that we ship, in addition to a seven-day extended guarantee, giving you a full week of coverage.

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Once you place your order and make payment for it, we have about 2-5 hours to process your order and tracking information email to you. Delivery makes take 2-5 days depending on the shipping location.

The images on this website do not represent the species you are buying; they are merely representative. Reptiles in our collection change too frequently for us to have time to take individual images and update the webpage.

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At Exotic Reptiles Store, we’re dedicated to giving our clients the very best experience. Our responsive customer care staff is there to address any queries you may have, and our user-friendly website makes purchasing reptiles and supplies a breeze. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee covering every one of our items, you can shop with assurance. buying reptiles online