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Baby Black Blood Python


  • Python curtus
  • Farm Bred Babies
  • Males And Females Available
  • Approximately 14 – 16 Inches In Length
  • Adults Can Grow Up To 4 – 5 Feet In Length
  • Feeding On Live And Frozen Thawed Rat Pups
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Black Blood Python for sale. Some of the best blood pythons in the world are available for purchase at an exotic reptile store. With Sumatran Blood Pythons, Matrix Blood Pythons, Black Blood Pythons, Borneo Blood Pythons, and more, we have one of the best selections available.

We provide healthy, well-established blood pythons for sale that are fed once a week. Live and frozen-thawed mice are given to them alternately. This guarantees that once purchased, they will accept both. Each newborn blood python for sale that we provide on our website receives the best care possible. We take great delight in supplying you with a young blood python that is in good health.


  • Amazing kinds of snakes for intermediate hobbyists
  • dependable and enduring (more than 30 years in captivity)
  • requires between 40 and 75 liters of pretty easy setup
  • after about 36 months reaches full adult size of 5 to 7 feet
  • Mice and rats’ primary source of food is readily available.
  • Unless Otherwise Noted, All Snakes Are Captive Bred
  • Farm Raised / Field Collected Available Currently


The Sumatran Short Tail is another name for it. This large snake is distinctive for its strong body form and intense hunger. This one is currently about 3 feet long when stretched out. Being a very heavy-bodied snake, they prefer to spend the majority of their time on the ground and move slowly and lazily, save for when they eat. Very manageable! Make sure she sees you coming before reaching into her tank; she has had plenty of opportunity to get to know her humans.


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