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Baby Caiman Lizard for sale, formally known as Dracaena guianensis, is a South American lizard species found primarily in the Amazon rainforest and neighboring areas. The Caiman Lizard, despite its name, is not related to caimans or other crocodilian animals.

Where to buy a Baby Caiman Lizard have a distinct appearance. They have a strong body and a long, thick tail that they use to swim. Their skin has a rough texture and is usually dark green or brown in color, which helps them blend in with their surroundings. Their colors can grow more brilliant as they mature, with yellow, orange, and green tones.

Caiman Lizard for sale are semi-aquatic creatures that spend a lot of time in or near water. They are good swimmers and can be found in slow-moving rivers, streams, and marshes. They have teeth that are designed to feed on snails, mollusks, crustaceans, and other aquatic animals.

Baby Caiman Lizards require a large cage with both land and water areas for proper care. The water area should be large enough for swimming, while the land area should include enough of hiding locations and exploration space. For their overall health, they require a warm and humid habitat with access to UVB lighting.

It’s worth noting that Caiman Lizards can grow to be rather large, reaching lengths of 3 to 4 feet as adults. To ensure their well-being, they require expert reptile keepers who can give the proper habitat, diet, and care. Before purchasing a Baby Caiman Lizard, make sure to investigate and understand its individual needs, as well as any local legislation or ownership restrictions.


  • Dracaena guianensis
  • Farm Bred 
  • Approximate Length: 10 To 16 Inches From Head To Tail
  • Adult Caiman Lizard Can Reach Lengths Of 4-5 Feet In Length And Weigh Up To 8-12 Pounds
  • Feeding On Vitamin Dusted Snail Meat, Can Also Be Weened To Various Seafoods


  • Naturally Occurring Out Of South America Ranging From Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Parts Of Brazil And Even To The Coast Of Guyana And Suriname
  • Very Prehistoric Looking Lizards, Tropical And Semi Aquatic, Native To South America 
  • Like An Aquatic Tegu Covered In Large Bony Scales The Skin Resembles That Of A Crocodile
  • They Must Have A Half Land Half Water Setup Or A Big Enough Water Dish To Swim And Soak In
  • With Proper Care And Set Up These Can Live 10 – 15+ Years In Captivity


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