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Baby Mack Snow Leucistic Leopard Gecko


  • Eublepharis macularius
  • Captive Bred
  • Roughly 4-8 Grams In Weight
  • Approximately 3-5 Inches In Length From Head To Tail
  • Perfect Pets For Any Age And Any Skill Level
  • Voracious Hunter Eating Calcium Dusted Crickets & Mealworms
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Mack Snow Leucistic Leopard Gecko for sale is a common variation of the leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius), a lizard species endemic to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and portions of India.

Leopard geckos are a well-liked choice for a pet lizard because of their calm demeanor and ease of maintenance. The Mack Snow Leucistic morph, which has a gecko with a white or cream body and eyes and varied quantities of black spotting, is the consequence of the interaction of two distinct recessive alleles. Mack Snow Leucistic geckos can also come in other colors, such lavender or bluish.

Mack Snow Leucistic geckos, like all leopard geckos, need a terrarium with the right temperature and humidity conditions, as well as a safe and hygienic substrate. They need a balanced diet with calcium and other vitamins and minerals added because they typically eat insects like crickets and mealworms.

It’s crucial to remember that although while leopard geckos are frequently seen as low-maintenance pets, they still need the right kind of care and attention to stay healthy and happy. If you’re thinking about getting a Mack Snow Leucistic Leopard Gecko as a pet, do your homework and learn about their unique needs.


  • Naturally Occurring In Pakistan, India And Afghanistan Where The Terrain Is Dry And Rocky
  • Adults Can Reach Up To 8-10 Inches In Length From Head To Tail
  • With Proper Care These Geckos Can Live 10 – 20 Years In Captivity
  • Leopard Geckos Will Store Extra Fat In Their Tails To Sustain Them When Food Is Scarce
  • When Threatened Or Frightened These Little Geckos Will Let Out A Bark

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