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Blue Tree Monitors


  • Varanus macraei
  • Farm Bred
  • Pair Available
  • Approximately 33 – 36 Inches In Length From Head To Tail
  • Very Bright Sapphire Blue Monitors That Are Absolute Eye Candy
  • Would Make Some Great Breeders Or Even Better Pets
  • Feeding On Vitamin Dusted Crickets, Roaches, Monitor Diet, And Pinky Mice
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Blue tree monitor (Varanus macraei) is a gorgeous lizard native to the tropical habitat of Batanta Island, Indonesia, and is highly sought after by reptile aficionados worldwide. This species is also known as the blue-spotted tree monitor.

They might not be right for you if you are new to reptile ownership. This lizard tends to be anxious and easily stressed, and it has extremely specific needs. Although this isn’t always the case, owners of the blue tree monitor are typically better equipped to care for a variety of pet lizards because they have intermediate to advanced understanding in this area.

Caring for blue tree monitors is not simple. Since caring for these lizards as pets needs a lot of work, we advise that only owners with some experience try to keep this specific monitor. Your blue-spotted tree monitor will need a lot of space, good ventilation, an omnivorous food, and plenty of care and consideration. Before selecting to keep one of these lovely reptiles, it is vital to take into account its size, anxious temperament, and dietary needs.

Because they are frequently frightened, blue tree monitor lizards will also need somewhere to hide. Monitors will find the covert hiding places they seek in hide boxes or tree trunks.

Feeding your blue tree monitor is not as difficult as you may believe. Crickets, grasshoppers, roaches, and other large insects coated with calcium and phosphorus powder will delight these astute lizards.

However, before you feed them their insects, give them some green veggies like celery, lettuce, or spinach. These greens supplement your monitor’s diet with vitamins and fiber. For added nourishment, freshly slaughtered mice (which are not natural to their diet) might be given twice a week. Remember to pick up any uneaten food in the enclosure. Do this on a daily basis to keep their enclosure safe and healthy.


  • Varanus macraei
  • Farm Bred
  • Pair Available
  • Approximately 33 – 36 Inches In Length From Head To Tail
  • Adults Will Grow To An Average Of 3.5 Feet In Length
  • With Proper Care These Monitors Can Live Up To 15-20+ Years In Captivity


  • Naturally Occurring Out Of Indonesia, Mainly The Island Of Batanta And Surrounding Areas
  • This Species Can Be Shy But They Tame Down Well And Make Excellent Display Animals
  • Living In The Tropical Forested Areas Of Indonesia These Monitors Thrive In Hot Humid Conditions With Plenty Of Things To Climb



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