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Calico Chinese Beauty Snake


  • Elaphe taeniura taeniura
  • Captive Bred
  • Male And Female Available
  • Approximately 23 – 34 Inches In Length 
  • Grow To Be About 4 – 6 Feet
  • Feeding On Live Hopper Mice Weekly
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Calico Chinese Beauty Snake for sale is a distinctive and elegant snake native to China. It is a subspecies of the snake with the scientific name Orthriophis taeniurus callicyanous. Typically found in grasslands and woods in China, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian countries, Calico Chinese Beauty Snakes are a non-venomous species of snake. They are well-liked as pets due of their attractive appearance and their calm disposition.

This reptile, as its name implies, has scales that are a mix of orange, brown, and white, giving it a calico-like appearance. Although the color and pattern can vary from person to person, they all generally have a highly distinctive and striking appearance.

Chinese beauty rat snake for sale, like other snakes, need the right care and attention to thrive in captivity. They require a proper habitat with the right amount of illumination, heat, and humidity, as well as a diet of prey that is the right size. Before thinking about keeping one as a pet, it’s crucial to learn about its unique requirements.


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