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2018 Female Inland Carpet Python


  • Morelia spilota metcalfei
  • Captive Born 
  • 2018 Female
  • Approximately 36 Inches In Length From Head To Tail
  • Carpet Pythons Go Through A Dramatic Color Change Gaining Color With Age
  • Voracious Hunters Feeding On Frozen Thawed Adult Mice Or Rat Pups
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Inland Carpet Python for sale can be found in the Murray-Darling Basin of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. They live in rocky land or riverine forests, primarily in the drier portions of Victoria and the Murray-Darling Basin. The skin of Inland Carpet Pythons is beautifully mottled, with bands of dark grey and black. Their bodies have a cream or light grey underside. They can even sunbathe in the winter sun, but they are most active at dawn, dusk, and at night.

Every 3-4 years, females lay 10-50 eggs and guard their clutch,’shivering’ to generate heat to warm the eggs. Females do not eat when incubating and accumulate substantial fat reserves to last the term. Young pythons are entirely autonomous after hatching and do not stay with their mother.

Like all snakes, Inland Carpet Pythons kill their victim by constriction rather than by injecting venom. They surprise their victim and encircle it, squeezing it until it suffocates to death. In spite of this, Inland Carpet Pythons are well-liked as pets because they are typically not hostile to people.


  • Originating Out Of Central And Southern Australia Ranging From Queensland To The Murray-Darling Basin 
  • With Proper Care These Can Live 25+ Years In Captivity
  • Adults Are Averaging Around 6 – 8 Feet In Length From Head To Tail
  • Both Terrestrial And Arboreal Snakes We Suggest Keeping Multiple Branches And Climbable Areas


  • are the only Victorian snakes that guard their eggs
  • can be inactive for five months over winter
  • are not venomous but can inflict a painful bite
  • are carnivores, they hunt small to medium-size mammals
  • are around 3 m long



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