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Baby Sterling Pied Ball Python


  • Python regius
  • Captive Bred
  • Female
  • Approximately 20 Inches In Length 
  • Roughly 92 Grams And Growing 
  • When Hatching Out Of The Egg They Can Be As Small As 10 Inches And Grow To Be 5 Feet
  • Feeding On Live Hopper Mice Weekly
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Baby Sterling Pied Ball Python for sale which is a ball python with a unique look caused by a genetic abnormality. Both “sterling” and “pied” are genetic features that influence the color and pattern of the snake. The sterling gene is a dominant gene that causes a decrease in black pigmentation, resulting in a silver or gray snake. The pied gene is a recessive gene that causes the snake’s body to have uneven patches of white or light-colored scales.

A snake with a distinctive appearance marked by silver or gray coloration and significant areas of white or light-colored scales is produced when these two genes in a ball python are united. This snake has a very distinctive and eye-catching appearance, yet the pattern and coloration might vary based on the particular snake.

Ball pythons are a type of non-venomous snake found in Africa. They are a popular pet snake due to their tiny size, docility, and ease of care. Because of its unusual appearance, the Baby Sterling Pied Ball Python is especially popular among snake aficionados. It is vital to note that these ball pythons, like all others, require sufficient care and attention in order to survive in captivity.



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