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Moroccan Male Greek Tortoise, commonly known as Testudo graeca soussensis, is a Moroccan subspecies of the Greek Tortoise. Here are some significant qualities and details regarding this tortoise:

Moroccan Male Greek Tortoises are medium-sized tortoises with a rounded carapace (shell) that can grow to be 8-10 inches (20-25 centimeters) long. They have a domed shell that is brown or olive in color with noticeable yellowish or beige patterns. The underbelly (plastron) is usually yellow or tan. Males have a more concave plastron and longer tails than females.

Moroccan Male Greek Tortoises can live for several decades if properly cared for. They have been known to survive for up to 50-60 years, and in some cases even longer.

These tortoises are found in Morocco’s dry regions, particularly in the Atlas Mountains and nearby areas. They live in places with little vegetation such as rocky terrain, scrublands, and semi-desert. They require an appropriate habitat with a combination of substrate, hiding locations, basking regions, and UVB illumination in captivity.

Moroccan Male Greek Tortoises are herbivores who eat a wide range of vegetation, grasses, weeds, and leafy greens. Their diet should consist of a range of dark, leafy greens (such as dandelion greens, kale, and collard greens), as well as other vegetables and fruits on occasion.

Moroccan Male Greek Tortoises, like other tortoises, are normally placid and spend the majority of their time grazing and sunbathing in the sun. They are mostly terrestrial, however they can scale minor obstacles and like bathing and soaking in shallow water.

Moroccan Male Greek Tortoises are designated as a vulnerable species because to habitat degradation, pet trade collection, and other issues. To help conserve wild populations, make sure any turtle you buy is captive-bred rather than taken from the wild.

Legal considerations: If you want to buy a Moroccan Male Greek Tortoise, you must first learn about and follow local and international rules and regulations governing their ownership and sale. Some governments limit the keeping of particular species or demand licences to own them.

Remember that maintaining a tortoise as a pet needs dedication and correct care. It is critical to give the tortoise with a suitable home, an appropriate feed, frequent veterinary check-ups, and plenty of freedom to roam and explore.


  • Testudo graeca
  • Also Known As The “Mesopotamian Tortoise”
  • Farm Bred
  • Approximately 7 Inches In Shell Length
  • Adults Are Growing To Sizes Of 7 – 8+ Inches In Shell Length 
  • Voracious Little Foragers Feeding On Fresh Veggies, Fresh Greens, Mixed Vegetables, And Fruits


  • These Are Great Personable Tortoises That Really Become Part Of The Family
  • Fantastic Tortoises With Speckled Greek Mosaic Styled Black Patterns
  • Indigenous To North Africa, Southwest Asia, And Southern Europe
  • Coming From Its Natural Environment Of Rocky Hills, Mediterranean Scrubland, Forests, Fields, And Meadows
  • We recommend Higher Humid And Warm Temperatures For These Tortoises With Hiding Spots, Water Dishes, With A 50/50 Mixture Of Loose And Bark Substrate
  • With Proper Care And Handling These Tortoises Can Live 50 – 100+ Years In Captivity


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