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Greek Tortoise for sale, also known as the Testudo graeca, is a small to medium-sized tortoise found in southeastern Europe, including Greece, Turkey, and some Mediterranean islands. Because of its manageable size and appealing appearance, it is a favorite option among tortoise fans.

The shell of a Greek tortoise is domed and has yellowish or brownish tones. The shell is normally spherical in shape, while some individuals may have a slightly extended shell. The shell’s hue and patterning might vary, but they frequently exhibit elaborate patterns of dark marks on a lighter backdrop.

The herbivorous diet of these tortoises consists primarily of grasses, leafy greens, and weeds. It is critical to provide a variety and well-balanced diet for their health and nourishment. There should always be fresh water accessible for drinking and soaking.

Adult Greek Tortoises normally grow to be 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) long, while some individuals can grow significantly larger. They have a reasonably lengthy lifespan and can survive for decades if properly cared for.

Greek Tortoise Pair for sale require a suitable environment to survive. Indoor enclosures require a big and secure enclosure with adequate heating, lighting, and humidity levels. It should have spots for sunbathing, hiding, and exploration. Outdoor enclosures can also be advantageous, as they provide access to natural sunshine and a larger habitat.

Greek Tortoises are ectothermic reptiles, which means they rely on external heat sources to control their body temperature. By including a temperature gradient within the enclosure, they can wander between warmer and cooler parts as needed.

When considering a Greek Tortoise as a pet, it is critical to purchase them from reputable breeders or sources that value the animals’ health and well-being. Proper study and planning are required to offer the proper environment and care for a Greek Tortoise.

Furthermore, be aware of any local regulations or limits on the ownership of Greek Tortoises, as they may be subject to laws in some locations. Before considering bringing a species into your care, make sure you can meet its special demands.


  • Testudo graeca
  • Farm Bred
  • Single Available
  • Approximately 4 – 6 Inches In Shell Length
  • Adults Are Growing To Sizes Of 6 – 8 Inches In Shell Length 
  • Voracious Little Foragers Feeding On Fresh Veggies, Fruits


  • Fantastic Tortoises With Golden Colored Shells And Greek Mosaic Styled Black Patterns
  • Indigenous To North Africa, Southwest Asia, And Southern Europe
  • Coming From Its Natural Environment Of Rocky Hills, Mediterranean Scrubland, Forests, Fields, And Meadows
  • We recommend Higher Humid And Warm Temperatures For These Tortoises With Hiding Spots, Water Dishes, With A 50/50 Mixture Of Loose And Bark Substrate
  • With Proper Care And Handling These Tortoises Can Live 50 – 100+ Years In Captivity


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